Here is a list of apps for creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about building successful businesses with healthy lifestyles and efficient workflows!

1 // HONEYBOOK –  CLICK HERE FOR 50% OFF YOUR FIRST YEAR WITH HONEYBOOK! … Fact: Honeybook is one of the best decisions I made for my business. Before Honeybook, my client management workflow was for a better lack of words – a hot mess. Paper contracts, confusing email folders, limited payment options and a really, really stressful tax season trying to build my own reports. I spent far too much time scrambling to stay organized between clients, and not enough time focusing on other areas of my business. I am beyond grateful for Honeybook and the positive impact its had on the growth of my business. Here are a few of my favorite Honeybook features…

Contract & proposal builder – Honeybook allows you to save contract and proposal templates so that when it comes time to send along documents to your clients, everything is easy to create, super simple to send and organized to manage going forward. Clients can view documents, sign agreements and submit payment all in one place. No more running to the post office or wasting paper through the printer!

Mobile app – This. Is. Everything. As creative entrepreneurs, we are constantly on the go. We wear all the hats in our business and don’t always have time to jump on our computers. With Honeybook’s mobile app, you’re able to manage your business from a-n-y-w-h-e-r-e. Game changer.

Calendar syncing – Seamless connection to your Google calendar so that all of your events are constantly on your radar!

Client interface – Your client has enough going on and doesn’t want to worry about keeping track of communication or documents. They will appreciate the organization and ease of use Honeybook brings to their life. Also, after you’ve customized Honeybook with your own branding elements, they’re going to be impressed with your level of professionalism.

2 // EVERNOTE – A simple, easy to use, easy to sync, a note-taking machine that allows me to feel like my memory isn’t nearly as terrible as it actually is. Don’t be mistaken, Evernote is not just a place to jot down some words, it’s actually much more than that. There are a few features that especially rock my world…

Note tagging – As creatives, we very often come up with new ideas for our business during the oddest moments. Before those ideas escape us, we can pull out our phone, laptop or tablet and hold onto them in our Evernote app. So that our thoughts don’t get lost in our sea of notes, we can then “tag” each note with a category to reference later.

Web clipping – In the past, I’ve been notorious for emailing myself links, photos, and article clippings. Sure, I could bookmark them on my browser but I usually want to add a note, highlight some words, or note an action for later. Evernote gives you the ability to save something directly from the web, right into a note. Score.

Snap and save – I come across inspiration constantly, and it’s usually so random; stumbling upon a store’s window display that has the most interesting product styling, powerful and loving words spray-painted on the walls of an alleyway, etc. I snap a quick photo with my phone and instead of letting that inspiration sit in my camera roll, I save it to Evernote and add a few words to remind myself why it caught my eye.

3 // GOOGLE ANALYTICS – I’ll be honest, a couple of years ago I was t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e at paying attention to my google analytics. Someone told me to sign up, so I did. And then my account sat there, untouched, serving zero purpose to my business. Things have really changed over the last year. I put a lot of time and effort into my blog and the posts that I share with the world. Investing these hours into my online platforms must be worth it, otherwise, I’m really just wasting time that could be dedicated to other areas of my business. Google Analytics allows me to evaluate whether or not the return is there, providing me with the data I need to make smart, strategic business decisions going forward. Favorite features include…

Visitor segmentation – There are so many options here. You can gain insight into what piece of technology each visitor uses when viewing your website, find out where in the world they’re located, learn which search engine or other platform sent them your way, etc. All of this valuable data will help you decide where you want to focus more of your marketing time/energy/money. Google analytics opened up my eyes to the truth – a huge percentage of my audience was scoping me out on their mobile device. Upon realizing this, I immediately prioritized the aesthetics and ease of use that my mobile version offers.

Popularity reporting – We can look at the data Google Analytics provides to find out what pages and posts appeal most to our audience. This allows us to prioritize the maintenance of the more popular spaces on our websites and inversely not waste any time on the parts of our online presence that are not moving our business forward.

Real-time viewer – There are many uses for this amazingness, but my favorite is to understand what days and times are most favorable for my visitors. After making an announcement on social media, through a newsletter or on some other platform, I use this real-time viewer to see how many people are responding to my recent efforts.

4 // MAILCHIMP Growing and maintaining a newsletter for your business doesn’t have to be a giant headache. Meet MailChimp, a user-friendly email marketing tool that won’t leave you feeling defeated. Not only is it incredibly easy to use thanks to its simple builder-block interface, but the app feels like it’s rooting for your business every step of the way. MailChimp is designed to provide you with the detailed reporting and helpful marketing recommendations that guide you in the direction of creating a successful newsletter system.

5 // FITBIT (TO GO WITH MY FITBIT ALTA) – We tend to be consumed by our full inboxes and neverending to-do lists, completely losing sight of our own well-being. Entrepreneurship certainly requires some serious energy, but success will never be worth compromising our health. I’ve avoided the purchase of a Fitbit for quite some time, mainly because I was scared to face the truth. I’m so that person who binge-edits at my desk while downing coffee all day. I can now say that I’ve finally crossed to the other side. Investing in a Fitbit was easily one of the best decisions I made this year. Not only does the thing literally yell at me for not moving enough (via a buzz on my wrist), but it makes me feel guilty for not prioritizing me. I’ve learned that a healthier me will absolutely have a long-lasting, positive impact on my business.

6 // PLANOLY – Oh Planoly, I love you so, so much… This visual Instagram planner has been a game changer for how I manage my Instaworld. Before this app came along, I was literally pulling images into art programs trying to figure out which ones looked the best next to each other. Nightmare central. Thankfully the creators of this brilliant tool have made Instagram planning a piece of cake. You can upload images, arrange them to be aesthetically pleasing, enter in captions and hashtags, and then schedule them accordingly. Less time dealing with social media? Yes please.

7 // THESKIMM – Get ya news in people, get ya news in. theSkimm arrives to your inbox daily with a breakdown of worldly events to help you stay “in the know” without spending an hour reading through endless paragraphs of confusion. The authors are also so entertaining and always find a way to put a clever, interesting spin on even the most mundane of topics. If you’re going to run a business in this world, it’s pretty important to know what’s actually going on in this world.

8 // AUDIBLE – I love me some Eric Church on repeat but sometimes a girl needs a music break after days in the car every wedding weekend. Audible has been such a great substitute, and so easy to use! This app allows me to quickly download any audio book, sit back and listen as I travel for hours on end.

9 // GRAMMARLY – So if we’re being honest here, I wasn’t exactly the best student in my earlier years. While everyone else was focused on our English teacher’s lesson, I would be drawing incredibly detailed florals on my name tag. Now that I’m an adult and business owner I’m expected to have a very solid understanding of how to write, and let me tell you the struggle continues to be real over here. Thankfully a good friend of mine introduced me to Grammarly. This heavenly proofreader app lives right in my browser and notifies me when I’m having trouble with punctuation, spelling, and grammar. It’s the best sidekick ever.

10 // WAZESome people are born with a super keen sense of direction. The rest of us humans can barely make it out of our driveway without getting lost. I’ve tried a few different navigation apps throughout the last couple of years and nothing compares to Waze. What I love most about it is the traffic detection. The very last thing I need on my way to photograph an event or photo session is a bumper to bumper surprise. With Waze, I can dodge any potential delays and arrive early to my destination!

10 Great Apps for Creative Entrepreneurs


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