You scroll through Instagram, pausing to look at the photos and read through the captions of other creatives in your field. You’re depressingly impressed with their content. As you go further and further down the social media rabbit hole, your confidence takes a sharp nosedive.

The table doesn’t feel big enough—you’re overwhelmed and discouraged because it feels like you’ve missed the boat. You’re surrounded by competition, and your skills and expertise don’t feel sufficient.

The times you’ve tried to network have left you even more insecure and uncertain if you can actually do this. You’re trying, but it doesn’t feel like enough when you see what everyone else around you is doing.

You want this, but you don’t feel like you actually belong here.

If this is you, I’m here to tell you that these feelings are so unbelievably normal. You’re not doomed for failure because of your nervousness or worry that you aren’t cut out for this.

But you also need to hear me when I say that you DO belong here. You really, really do.

Before you start to mentally contradict me, take a minute to remind yourself of how it feels when you’re creating—when you’re adding the final touches to a cake, when you’re planning a floral arrangement, when you step behind the camera.

That spark, the happiness you feel as you create, is what you have to focus on each and every day.

That feeling and passion exists in you for a reason. And it’s telling you that this is what you should be doing with your life.

So how do you put those poo-poo-ing thoughts in their place? You have got to start by acknowledging them. You can’t ignore them or pretend they don’t exist. Here are a few things that I do that have helped me reign in my destructive self-talk . . .

1 // Practice Daily Affirmations – Everything, EVERYTHING, in your life stems from you. So what you think and how you feel really matters! To start your day off on a positive note, include daily affirmations in your morning routine. Add a couple in as you brush your teeth or while you take a shower. By beginning your day with positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities, you are affirming the truth about who you are and what you can do. This small step can drastically transform your days, weeks, and months.

2 // Strive to Continuously Refuel Creatively – Include spaces, even if short ones, to do the things that fill you up. Pull out your paintbrush, a favorite book, or new recipe. Take ten minutes to go for a walk outside or do yoga. Doing the things that help you tap into your creativity daily will provide the fuel your passion needs to stay lit.

3 // Face Your Doubts Head On – Keep a notebook, journal, or your phone nearby to make note of any self-deprecating thoughts that surface throughout your day. Then, set aside a time to come back to them and face them head on. If you feel like you’re a crappy entrepreneur, list off everything you’ve done to support and encourage your business to succeed and grow. If you feel like you’re not a good enough mother, acknowledge all the ways you’ve loved and taken care of your kid(s). If you feel like there’s never enough time, remind yourself of all the ways that you’ve made time already and plan to do so in the future.

By providing space for creativity and facing your doubts and contradicting them, you create your own personal support system. You become your own coach and cheerleader as you continue to dive into creative entrepreneurship and put yourself out there.

Don’t let your passion burn out. It may sound cheesy, but you know in your heart how important it is to not only acknowledge your passion but to act on it.

That’s why you’re doing this.

That’s why you’re here.

At Creatives Thrive, I understand that creative entrepreneurship is risky. I’ve been there—heck, I’m there right now! But I also know that aligning your career with your passion is the most life-giving and exciting spot to be in. You aren’t alone in this. I’m honestly here doing this right beside you.

So please, please, please don’t talk yourself out of following your passion.

You belong here.


Don’t Give Up – A Message to the Nervous Creative Entrepreneur


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