You sigh to yourself as you skim through the email you just received from your potential client that says he or she decided to go with someone else. You flop back into your chair, shut your eyes, and immediately start to analyze how you could have lost yet ANOTHER sale.

“What did I do wrong?” . . . “Was it something I said?” . . . “Could I have done more?” . . . “Maybe they don’t like my product, or, maybe they don’t like me?”

You stay there.

Right there in a pile of discouraging thoughts and feelings. You feel disappointed and so, so frustrated with yourself.

“Ugh, I hate selling!”

I’m going to set it to you straight: what you’re doing is not cutting it.

So, let me chime in here with a very forward, serious question for you . . . what is it with selling that has you so uncomfortable? Why does it give you the heebie geebies and make you want to run for cover? Why do you hate it so much?

I get it and I’ve heard it before – sales can be tricky because there’s a lot more to consider than simply stating what your products and services are while crossing your fingers and hoping for a win. Selling is a HUGE part of making your business a success. And by now, I know that you realize this!

You know that if you don’t sell and successfully build a community of customers and clients around your business, then you will NOT grow. It will only be you in an empty room.

It’s basic math. Inability to sell = low to no sales = low to no growth.

I don’t want this for you. And I know you sure as heck don’t want this for you.

I don’t want your fear of selling to come smack in between you and your full potential. Don’t let this happen. It’s time to stand back up, look at yourself in the mirror, and decide whether or not you truly want this creative passion of yours and the business you’ve worked so very hard to build, to reach new heights. If your answer is yes, then let me tell you, friend, you CAN sell and you WILL sell.

But, first thing is first. You must identify where you are going wrong. You must first uncover the mistakes you’re making before diving into how you can grow, improve and finally sell with confidence.

Here are the top three reasons your approach to selling isn’t cutting it. I’ll bet at least one of these feels pretty familiar to you . . .

1 // You’re moving too quickly into benefit-spilling mode.

When you’re in front of a potential client, or typing up an email response that requires selling on your behalf, you’re immediately trying to communicate the value of your products and services. “My product does this, this, and this,” or “My services are good because of this, this, and this.” This approach of spilling all the benefits first can come across as pushy and forceful.

Plus, —let’s be honest—what you’re saying is more than likely exactly what your competitors are saying. Am I right?

By diving into what you have to offer and why they should choose your products and services over other options right off the bat, you’re missing some essential selling steps and avoiding enormous opportunities to be far more impactful, and in control of the sale.

You’re doing what you think you should be doing and you’re saying what you think you should be saying. But the reality is that this is not what each of your unique clients and customers desires from you!

2 // You’re failing to recognize and confront sale-preventing reservations.

While you’re engaging with potential clients and customers with a focus on moving them towards a signed contract or sale, you are completely ignoring the very real feelings of hesitancy that they may be experiencing. Sure, their reactions may be happy and go lucky on the surface, but have you uncovered the truth of where they are at?

Is what you are saying to them resonating?

What are they really feeling inside?

Does anything you’re putting in front of them ACTUALLY MATTER?

You are failing to recognize serious reservations and leaving far too much room for discomfort on their end. You must seal the trust that’s essential to move them towards a SUCCESSFUL sale.

Does this mistake resonate with you? Good news. I have a FREE guide filled with 8 questions that you can pull into conversation with potential clients and customers that will uncover key hesitancies that are keeping them from moving forward!

Once you identify hesitancies (which may lead to them walking away), THEN you can focus on providing the kind of information and solutions that will eliminate any negative vibes, repositioning your business as their number one choice!

CLICK HERE to download the guide now!

3 // You’ve neglected to position your business in a way that communicates your authenticity and differentiates you from your competitors.

To thrive in your field, you’ve got to stand out. You can’t merely say the same things that people within your industry are saying and expect sales to fall into your lap. If you sound just like everyone else, what’s going to prompt potential clients to choose you?

You’ve got to establish a strong and unique first impression that catches people off guard (in a really, really good way) and makes them feel attached.

Stop letting low self-confidence or high selling discomfort push you away from acknowledging, appreciating, and celebrating what makes everything you have to offer so incredibly special.

3 Reasons Your Sales Method is Failing


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