Marketing, marketing, marketing . . . 

It’s pretty much all you’re thinking about these days because you know it’s the way to connect with your ideal client, showcase the value of your products and services, and grow your business. So it’s almost an understatement to say it’s a HUGE priority for you! 

You’ve spent countless (literally countless) hours on your marketing efforts. You’ve taken all the webinars, continually added to your education, and spent loads of time crafting what you believe to be the perfect marketing material. You then scattered it all across your business platforms and waited with anticipation for the magic to happen. 

And you’re realistic—you understand how these things work. So you’ve been patient and continued to show up while waiting for your heavy lifting to pay off. 

But it’s been . . . let’s just say, a little too long. And now you’re worried your approach is a bust, and you’re super frustrated because you fully committed and gave it your all.  

With every unopened email, post with limited engagement, and paid advertisement that doesn’t yield results, you’re sinking deeper and deeper into despair. And that’s totally jacking up your creativity and ability to focus. 

Now if that’s you, this next part might sting a little—think ripping off a Band-Aid—but I’m telling you, it’s worth it. And I promise, I won’t just leave you there!

So let’s face the hard truth together—this is why your marketing message is failing . . .

1. You’re misdirecting your message.

Right now, you’re broadcasting your content to everybody, and that’s way, way, way too general. By doing so, you’re missing the opportunity to have a stronger impact with the people who will actually move forward with a purchase or a contract. And you’re wasting your time and resources marketing to people who have zero need or interest in what you’re offering. 

Instead of speaking to everyone, you need to speak directly to the people you want to work with. You’ve got to show them that you deliver unparalleled, customized attention to your clients. 

2. You’re centering your content around what you’re offering. 

When all of your messaging is entirely about what you offer, you miss out on communicating that you care and understand the needs of your target audience. And chances are, if you’re doing this, you’re coming off as boastful and salesy, which usually equals a hard pass from potential clients. 

You’ve gotta create an emotional connection between your potential customers and your business that doesn’t revolve fully around your products and services. 

3. You’re taking the copycat personalization approach.

Yes, you need to know what’s happening in your industry, and it’s great to look at fellow entrepreneurs to see what’s working and what’s not . . . but have you taken it too far? Are you really just trying to be like someone else because his/her approach is working? Because that honestly is not the solution here. 

You should be customizing your content with your truth—your quirks, authentic personality, and real self. 

4. You’re not differentiating yourself and your offerings. 

Maybe even the idea of this makes you feel shy or embarrassed, but whatever the reason, you’re not calling attention to what sets you apart from your competition. And without stepping forward to claim your unique space in the market, you’re allowing yourself and your business to just blend in with the crowd. 

To get the sales and contracts you’re craving, you’re offerings need to be recognizable and distinct. 

5. You’re leaving delivery up to chance. 

Yes, you’re dedicating lots of time and energy to high-impact content, but you’re not driving home the delivery. You’re quitting before making sure that your marketing content actually gets to your ideal client.

You’ve got to follow through to ensure your content is getting in front of the right eyes. 

Okay, you made it! The Band-Aid is off—whew!

Now that you know why your marketing is failing, you want to know how you can have a successful marketing message, right? In my “5-Step Guide to a Value-Driven Marketing Message,” you’ll gain all the tools needed to have a successful marketing message that will finally bring you the clients you want to work with and the business growth you’ve been waiting for!

Why Your Marketing Message Is Failing


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